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Fallfest IX Sessions / ffxi-overflow-two
[22]TheeFlamehead 09-Nov-19 01:02 PM
This is for overflow from panel 2: Antagonists (edited)
DeathRay5k 09-Nov-19 02:00 PM
I think GM as the antagonist can definitely get stale, as we all have our habits, and of their leader character is the main opposition, it's easy for other players to feel they're just reacting to the GM, so giving them things to do is great
[PF] AlexM 09-Nov-19 02:06 PM
I could agree with that. When it's always the same person writing for every villain, no matter how good of writers we think we may be, they're going to seem very similar. And I don't know about you, but I hate talking to myself in posts. Having a conversation between two of my own characters gets very boring for me.
DeathRay5k 09-Nov-19 02:09 PM
Yeah, definitely. I used to GM for a while and I found myself trying hard to get players to take more active roles. I love writing an antagonist, but it's even better to have players throw curve balls at you
[22]TheeFlamehead 09-Nov-19 02:10 PM
Absolutely. And it might engage players who would otherwise take a passive role in the experience
DeathRay5k 09-Nov-19 02:11 PM
Yeah, that's always a goal. I don't GM any more, but I do AGM for a couple and have that same philosophy
But I'm also very aware of the fact that I could hijack a post quite easily if I get super into a conflict role
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